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Garage Door Repair Hallandale
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What precaution measures must I take when repairing springs?

Never stand on stools but prefer ladders. Cover your face and hands well and keep away from the path of the garage door springs to avoid getting hurt should the springs snap. Of course, the best way to ensure safety is to trust spring repair to the experts of our company in Hallandale.

While closing the garage door, why should I hold the wall button down?

Our professionals in Hallandale recommend checking for any obstruction in the door path. Then the lights at the bottom of the track should glow steady without blinking. If this is the case, adjust the safety sensor and then try using the opener.

What does it mean when my garage door gets misaligned?

This means that your garage door is not passing through the track it was intended to follow. This can be caused by deformed tracks or misplaced chains, wheels, etc. Your garage door may also be warped or dented that it does not move properly, possibly getting stuck somewhere along the way.

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