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How to Make Garage Doors Friendly

02/23/2014 Back To Blog

Your garage doors can be your best friends. Don't forget that you have chosen them to protect your home, valuables and family because they have the power to do so! Though, this power can turn against you and your garage door can suddenly become your enemy if you don't take care of it. The good news is that today garage systems are developed and you have the opportunity to add plenty of safety features, in order to maintain them easier and turn them into friendly guardians for your whole property.How to Make Garage Doors Friendly

4 ways to make garage doors friendly

1. Garage door repair takes priority above all other tasks. Maintaining the system in excellent condition means that your family is safe from accidents, the mechanism is functional and the door is resistant to threats whether these threats are related to the weather conditions or potential attempts for intrusion. Your garage door will be your best friend because it will protect you efficiently.
2. It might sound as a trivial task but cleaning the door panel and the garage door parts thoroughly and regularly is important for your safety as much as for the long-lasting of the components. Consider these examples: If the sensors are dusty, they might not work properly. If the tracks are dirty, the rollers may not slide properly and the door won't close well. If the panel is not checked during cleaning procedures, you may miss the first signs of rust and might have to replace the whole panel eventually. In any case, your safety will certainly be compromised.
3. Insulating your garage door will mean that the indoor environment will be more pleasant. Most importantly, you will stop spending a fortune on energy consumption since you won't need to use the central heating often. If you also replace the bottom seal often, you won't lose energy either and your door as well as indoor atmosphere will be friendlier.
4. Garage door opener sensors maintenance is the most important task for your safety. If the beams cannot detect your child, you'll be dealing with injuries. Well-maintained sensors will definitely create a safe and friendly environment.

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